How to Order? 3 Helpful Tips when Going to Ramen Restaurant in Japan




Ordering Ramen is not complicated at all. It’s simple and easy. However, if you don’t speak Japanese, you might feel nervous.


In this post I’m going to show you some tips for your visit on Ramen restaurant in Japan.


Tip 1: Kill Time Efficiently

Neet might go to Ramen restaurant but doesn’t work there→Jobless? What is a NEET?





You might not believe, but some Ramen restaurants are extremely popular so that you would have to wait for a while.

It really depends on restaurants, day and time, but the waiting time could be as long as 1 hour (or longer?! if it’s peak hour).


Before eating Ramen, then, you would need to kill your time.

If you are with someone, you can chat with your company.

But what about if you are alone?


You can use the Internet on your phone. Play game.

Text to friends. Maybe call them.

Find a job online. Think about your boyfriend or girlfriend.


You could also listen to music, or read a book or newspaper.

You might want to study if the exam is coming soon.

Think what to write on your blog if you are a blogger. (that’s what I’d do!)


There are a lots of things you could do while waiting. Don’t waste time until you enjoy the first bite of yummy Ramen.



Tip 2: Learn Some Phrases



Although you are not required to master Japanese, it’s better if you understand Japanese.

Here are some easy phrases you can use.


When Waiting in a Line

It’s usually obvious where the line is, but if you are not sure ask:


Dokoni narabeba iidesuka? (Where is the line?)


どこにならべばいいですか? どこに並べばいいですか?


It means “where is the line?” Or “Where should I wait?”

The person being asked should say something like here (koko desu: ここです) or there (soko desu: そこです).



When Asking Estimated Time

If the restaurant is packed and you would need to wait, you probably want to know how long it would take to be seated.

To ask estimated time, you can use this:


Donokurai kakarimasuka? (How long would it take?)

どのくらい かかりますか?




Machi jikan wa donokurai desuka? (How long would I wait?)

まちじかんは どのくらいですか? 待ち時間はどのくらいですか?



When being Seated in the Restaurant

You have waited for 30 minutes and finally going to try Ramen!

But before being seated, the staff would ask how many people you have.

They would say:


Nanmei sama desuka? (For how many?)

なんめいさまですか? 何名様ですか?



Then you say:


Hitori desu. (One)


Futari desu (Two)


Sannin desu (Three) etc…



Finally you can have a seat and order Ramen!


Tip 3: How to Order



In Japan, there are two ways to order Ramen. Number one, you call a server and order. Number two, you pay and get an order ticket.


If you order to a server, you don’t actually have to speak Japanese.

Just point the picture or menu and get the Ramen you want.

If you want to be nice, you can say:


Kore wo Kudasai (Please give me this)

これをください。 これを下さい。


You need to decide what to eat before purchasing a ticket. Unfortunately most of the machines don’t have English, so you would have to make sure you are pressing a right button.


Some machines have pictures, while others don’t have any pictures.



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