Samsung Note 7 Exploded! Is Samsung in Japan Safe?




You’ve probably heard the news “Samsung Blew up” in the States and Korea.

What about Japan? Is it safe to use Galaxy?



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was first introduced at “Galaxy Unpacked 2016” in New York.

Note 7 was out on August 19, 2016. Just a few days later, on August 24th, there was a report that Note 7 was overheated and caught fire. Since then, the number of incidents has been increased.





What Samsung did

Samsung quickly recalled Note 7 and replaced with another device. They assumed that the battery caused the overheating.

Unfortunately the nightmare didn’t stop and even the replaced phones caught fire (as many as 5 replaced phones as of October 10).


As of October 13th, Samsung stopped all the sales of Galaxy Note 7 including replaced devices. If you have Note 7, you better turn it off and bring it to store as soon as possible.



People still Use after Recall



Samsung is still looking into the cause of overheating and there are some theories.

Some think it’s the battery. They argue that Samsung squeezed battery too hard and it caused overheating.


Samsung and government have been asking those Note 7 users to turn power down and bring it to the store as soon as possible. They are not supposed to use Note 7 at all. Surprisingly, many of them still use this phone. They ignore the warning and keep using it. They don’t know when it might catch fire.

Some of them think it’s hassle to go to store, update contact information and messages and download apps again etc…


Samsung in Japan

What about Samsung in Japan? Is it safe to use?

The answer is YES. First of all, Galaxy Note 7 is not sold in Japan.

Therefore if you buy any Samsung phones in Japan, you are safe (except online shopping).

In addition, Samsung have officially stated that Galaxy products sold in Japan, including Galaxy S7 edge, are safe to use.



If you have Galaxy Note 7 purchased outside Japan or online, please turn off the power and bring it to the store, or contact the Samsung customer service.

You might think your phone is not going to blow up but who knows? You might get injured or your property might be damaged.

It’s hassle to go to store and exchange all the information and data in your phone, but it’s better not to risk in this situation!



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