Smart Saving Methods: 6 Best Routines that Japanese Do to Save Money





Money is important. You need it to survive. You work to earn it.

Have you had experience that you have planed to save money and failed?

Some people are really good at saving, while others are good at spending.




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What do people save money?

Here are 6 routines that Japanese do to save money.


1. Clean Shoes

Those who can save money keep their shoes clean.

It’s said that successful businesspersons keep their shoes nice and clean. Having clean shoes means that you are not mentally occupied so that you can take care of your appearance.

So try to clean your shoes daily and it will help you to save money.


2. Organize Wallet




Do you keep all the receipts in your wallets? If you do, you might want to organize your wallet everyday.


Money-savers tend to have a nice, well-organized wallet. They organize receipts everyday so that they know how much they spend.


Some people have new bills only. They do this to make themselves hesitate to use bills. Of course they will use when needed but they are more likely to think before use when comparing to old dirty bills.

I sometimes feel like throwing old bills away because I feel they are dirty (of course I won’t throw them away!)


3. Think before Purchase


It’s a very basic concept but some people don’t think before buying. Do you really need it? Do you want to buy just because it’s on sale?


Don’t buy anythings just because it’s on sale. It makes you keep buying items that you don’t need.

Stay away from a Dollar store! Don’t go there unless you need to purchase something specific.


4. Spend on Others

People who wisely save money know how to spend money on others.

They don’t necessarily spend a lot of money. But instead, they would spend proper amount for proper occasions.


For instance, they would buy nice gifts and cards for friend’s birthday. They know what friends like and spend wisely.

They might take parents for dinner on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

It’s not just spending money but rather they consider others.


5. Keep Track

Do you know how much you spend every month? What about everyday?

One of the routines Japanese do is to keep track so that they know how much they spend.


If you record your spending, you will be surprised how much you actually spend. It’s usually more than you think.

It also helps to review if you have unnecessary expenses.

Moreover it helps to go over your hydro, TV, the Internet, insurance etc… and you might consider to change your plan.


6. Be a Morning Person



Successful businesspersons are usually morning persons. They would get up early, go exercise or study, eat breakfast and go to work.


You don’t have to exercise or study, but getting up early helps your day go nicer than afternoon or night persons.


It also has benefits on your health. You will be able to think and work productively during day and sleep well during night.




Japanese love to save money. And those 6 routines are shared among Japanese who save money wisely. You don’t have to do them all but if you like one of these, try. Try and see if that makes any differences.


I hope those tips help you.My first goal is to be a morning person!






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