Sexless Relationships in Japan: 4 Factors That Make Japanese Sexless




National Survey in Japan revealed that most of the unmarried individuals in Japan are not in a relationship.

That is, 60% of unmarried women and 70% of unmarried men age 18-34 don’t have any partners. Over 40% of them are virgin.


Sexless is one of the serious problems in Japan.

Japanese government has been trying to increase birthrate. Yet, it’s not easy to raise children.

Having children costs a lot and one needs to sacrifice a lot to their children. Some people don’t have partners, while other couples are sexless.



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4 Reasons Why Many Japanese are Sexless


Here are potential reasons why many Japanese are sexless.


1. No Energy

If you work 5 days & 40 hours a week, you might be tired and just want to sleep when you are off.

A large number of Japanese work day and night and usually overtime. Some work in a Black Company and they want to sleep and take a rest when they are not working.


Another reason why Japanese have no energy is due to rush hour. 

It is absolutely terrible in city!!

I bet you will be exhausted to just take a train during rush hour.

You don’t feel like working after pushed by bunch of strangers in a moving box.



2. No Desire

Some people have strong desire, while others don’t have any desire.

Men tend to have stronger desire, but as survey shows, younger men are not in a relationship. Some guys don’t want to have girlfriends.


As discussed in Soshoku-kei Danshi article, some young Japanese guys don’t need any girlfriend or sex.





3. Unstable Mind



Not only Japan but also other developed countries are dealing with economic uncertainty.

If you are worried about your job and life, you may not want to engage with sexual activity.


Unhappy individuals have no capacity to deal with sexual activity.

Depressed individuals experience reduced sexual desire.


They have to take care of themselves before diving into sexual pleasure.



4. Discouraging Information

It’s very easy to find any information you need online.

You can find hundreds of thousands of websites for online dating, articles that talk about how to date an attractive individual, how to be sexy, etc….

Sometimes, however, you might see something discouraging.

For instance, one might finds an article about infidelity. She knows that infidelity is bad and morally wrong so that she feels disgusting to date someone.


Girl A
He might cheat on me… I better not to date anyone then


One might find shocking facts about sex and refuse it:

Virgin A
People do this…? Oh my god, I cannot do this kind of things! It’s disgusting!!


It is so sad that many people are manipulated by wrong information.

It is, however, difficult to change one’s point of view once he or she assumes that is normal.




Conclusion: Economic Uncertainty

To sum up reasons of sexless in Japan, economic uncertainty plays a big role.


Most Japanese are anxious and uncertain what is going to happen in the future.


Therefore, some choose not to marry and stay single. Some might marry but don’t have children.


Being married doesn’t mean one enjoys sex often. Many couples suffer from sexless marriage.


If they have a stronger sense of security, they would be more relaxed and enjoy sexual activity.






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