Singles Find Love at Singles Party?! 4 Interesting Singles Parties




Singles Party


Have you ever been to Singles Party?

It’s been very popular in Japan and called Gokon (合コン).


Traditional Gokon usually is taken place in the evening.

Thus people go there enjoy drinking and eating food after work.

However, it’s changing.


There are various kinds of Singles Parties in Japan.

I’m going to introduce interesting 4 parties today.





  1. Pokemon Gokon (Pokemon Go Singles Party)

As you can imagine, people use Pokemon Go with this party.

They gather at certain place and go find Pokemon together.

If you like Pokemon Go, you could find someone who shares the same interest with you.



  1. Morning Gokon (Singles Party in the Morning)

No drunk people at Morning Gokon!

People would participate in Morning Gokon before they go to work.

Thus participants have time limit and tend to concentrate.


They usually have some coffee and breakfast and it is cheaper than regular party.



  1. Lunch Gokon (Singles Party While Lunching)




People usually go to cafe or restaurant to find a soul mate with this party.

Same as Morning Gokon, you wouldn’t see drunk people.

They share table and talk during lunch.

It is also cheaper than regular Gokon.



  1. Sento Gokon (Singles Party at Public Bath)

The concept of this Gokon is to find inner beauties.

Women and men are gathered different time and separated into Women’s bath and Men’s bath.


There is a big wall between women’s bath and men’s bath.

They cannot see but can hear each other.


The idea is to see if you like people without looking at their face.

The participants would be given themes and they would create a poem, “Haiku.”


Haiku is a short Japanese poetry.


Participants would share their poems.

The voice and the way they talk are key points.

After exchanging few poems, they would go outside and see each other.



Singles Party is not the only place to meet singles, but it might be interesting to participate.

I’ve known some people went to the party and found partners.

It is one of the opportunities you could use to meet up singles in the city!




 - Love

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