Not Only Fukuoka’s Sinkhole: Japan Fixes Everything Fast Even after Earthquakes!




Japan has a large number of earthquakes every year and sometimes big ones destroy road and buildings. But don’t worry. Japanese fix everything instantly. I’m not exaggerating but it’s truly instant compared to other countries.

Let’s see some of the examples.




Fukuoka’s Sinkhole

This is the latest incident that happened in Hakata ward, Fukuoka prefecture. The 100-foot or 30 metres sinkhole suddenly appeared in the middle of business district of Hakata ward. Luckily, no one was hurt or killed. It was amazing.


Another amazing story was that Japanese road crews filled this sinkhole within 2 days and reopened the road after a week.

The sinkhole appeared on November 8th and the repair was completed on November 15th. The gigantic hole disappears after a week. By looking at pictures, you cannot tell where the hole was.

It’s completely sealed up and businesses, traffic, and everything went back to normal just after a week.


A deep, huge sinkhole in Hakata ward, Fukuoka Prefecture




After a week, the hole was sealed up and road was reopened




In North America, everything is slow and work doesn’t get completed perfectly. One American says that after repair the road will be cracked in a week in US. This is so true!

There was construction near my place and it took a loooong time to pave the road. Guess what, after a few weeks, I found the road was uneven and rain stayed on its surface. It was just done yet it seems they need another work. I don’t think city will fix though.



Kumamoto Earthquake

It was not a sinkhole but it was bullet trains (shinkansen) in Kumamoto. Kumamoto earthquake occurred on April 16, 2016. 50 people were killed and 3,000 people were injured.

The big earthquake has damaged bullet trains and rails. However, after 13 days, bullet trains went back to normal and road was fixed within a week.









Tohoku Earthquake



This earthquake was huge and many were killed in Tohoku area. It occurred on March 11, 2011. Major roads collapsed and no cars could drive away.

After 6 days of earthquake, however, most of the major roads were fixed and 100 locations were fixed within 2 weeks.



Right after the earthquake in Miyagi Prefecture




Fixed within a week



Why was it so quick? The first reason is that there are lots of natural disasters in Tohoku area and road crews are pretty familiar with how to fix efficiently.


Another reason is that system is well organized. What it means is that if somewhere needs to be fixed, road crews would start working on it as soon as called. They can do this because they don’t have to worry about cost and responsibility.

That is, the system is organized and people just follow the rules to complete their duties.




Whenever something unexpected happens, Japanese government tries its best to resolve problems.

I think two reasons help to understand why Japan can fix quickly, while it takes longer in other countries. The first reason is that Japan is vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquake and tsunami.

Canadians, on the other hands, don’t have much experience in earthquake, so they cannot act quickly. They panic and think what to do.


Another reason is that quick fix is required by Japanese. It might be a big sinkhole or small crack. No matter what, Japanese expect things will be fixed as soon as possible. As a result, not only road crews but also any employees try their best to solve problems.



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