What is SOSHOKU-KEI DANSHI?: 3 Secrets of Japanese Men




Do you know what Soshoku-kei Dansi (草食系男子) means? It literally means grass-eater guys, or herbivore men. It is a Japanese term and describes certain Japanese guys.




What is Soshoku-kei Danshi?

Definition of Soshoku-kei Danshi varies because it’s relatively a new term.


Some argue that Soshoku-kei Danshi don’t want to be in a relationship with girls. They are not interested in dating.


It’s not that they hate girls. It’s more like they don’t have strong desire to go after girls.


Some Soshoku-kei Danshi accept almost anyone. They don’t refuse but they are usually passive.

For instance, if girls ask them out, they would go. If the girls want to build a romantic relationship with them, they would try.


Other herbivore guys want to date and marry someone eventually, but they are shy and don’t know how to ask girls out.




To sum up, they are passive and don’t chase girls.

This term appeared in Japanese media in 2006 and since then the number of herbivore men has been increasing.


Some Soshoku-kei Danshi have girlfriends and enjoy dating.

However, they are passive and not outgoing. Some of them date with girls because their girlfriends are outgoing (Nikushoku-kei Jyoshi: 肉食系女子 as opposed to passive Soshoku-kei Danshi).




3 Reasons Why Guys Become Herbivore Men



Why some Japanese guys are Soshokukei-Danshi (Herbivore Men)? Here are possible 3 reasons for it.


1. More Powerful Women

Although it depends on industry, more Japanese women are gaining power and status. Hard-working women also get promoted more often compared to a couple decades ago.

Therefore, some men feel pressure and jealous. Herbivore men are not afraid of powerful women, but they don’t take an action to date those women.



2. Magical Online World

Before appearance of the Internet, people used to enjoy interaction with other people. They might have read books and newspaper to get necessary information.

They might have stayed in front of TV at certain time to watch their favorite TV shows.


Nowadays a large number of people use the Internet in developed countries.

The Internet is very useful and you can spend hours in front of a computer.


This also applies to Soshoku-kei Danshi. They watch movies, TV programs, YouTube, find jobs online, shop online, learn online etc…

They have a lot to do online and don’t feel having girlfriends is necessary.


They might like certain characters from comics or celebrities and not interested in real girls. Lots of energy is used for anything but romantic relationships.



3. Mentally Occupied

Not only Soshoku-kei Danshi, but also many Japanese are anxious about economic and social uncertainty.

Some herbivore men want to date but they don’t have time and money. They have to earn their living expense and always mentally occupied.


Some herbivore guys think that they want to treat meals and give gifts to girlfriends.

However they hesitate to ask girls out because they don’t have enough power, money and time.



Soshoku-kei Danshi is a new term to describe Japanese guys who are not into relationships. They are passive and don’t chase girls.


Japanese men become herbivore because they are worried about economic uncertainty, like the Internet and hesitate to interact with powerful women.

If girls want to date this kind of herbivore guys, don’t be too pushy!



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