When? What is Health and Sports Day in Japan? (TAIIKU NO HI)




This post summarizes what Health and Sports Day is. When is it? What do Japanese do on Taiiku no Hi?


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Health and Sports Day in Japan


Do you like to play sports? What kind of sports do you like?

There is a national holiday in October in Japan.

It is called “Health and Sports Day. (Taiku no Hi 体育の日)”

The Japanese government set Health and Sports Day in 1964 to promote active lifestyle and sports.


It used to be October 10th since its establishment.

The reason the government set October the 10th as Health and Sports Day was because it was more likely to be sunny that day according to the weather records.

However, it changed to the second Monday of October in 2000.


Health and Sports Day for 2017 is October 9th.



What to Do on Health and Sports Day


So what do Japanese do on Health and Sports Day?

Sports Events

Not all but some schools and organizations have sports event (運動会) on Health and Sports Day.

For instance, they might participate in 100 metre sprinting, relay, tug of war, three-legged race and giant-ball-roll.

Giant-ball-roll, as you can imagine, usually requires two people and they run and roll the ball together.

They have to run as fast as they can and control the ball at the same time.

It looks easy but difficult to control it.


This kind of sports events usually starts in the morning. Participants have lunch and keep competing in the afternoon.


Special Performance or Games

In some communities, people participate in special performance or games on Health and Sports Day.

Performance includes martial arts, dance, and games include valley ball, soccer, basket ball etc…


Some people practice and play hard for such performance.

For those who don’t play sports, it’s worth watching the exciting games.






It is very tiring if you do not play any sports regular basis, but it is fun to play with others.

I like the atmosphere of sports events.

You compete on your own and cooperate with team members.


Playing sports release your stress and make your mind and body happy.

If you want to participate in sports events, you might want to find now!



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