What to do on Romantic Valentine’s Day in Japan A to Z




February 14th is Valentine’s Day. What are you going to do?


This post summarizes what Japanese do before or on Valentine’s Day and how you can spend Valentine’s Day in Japan.



Any cons and pros? → What are the Disadvantages of Dating Someone?


First impression is very important! →  Japanese Etiquette When Meeting Someone



When is Japanese Valentine’s Day? Unique Valentine’s Day Custom in Japan


This post introduces basic information on Japanese Valentine’s Day. Its custom is different from other countries. Let’s find out how it’s different.

→ Unique Valentine’s Day Custom in Japan



When? What is Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival 2017?


This post contains introduction of what Japanese Valentine’s Festival is. It’s taken place on February 11th and 12th in Tokyo. If you are a woman and interested in it, read this and join the event.


→ What is Japanese Valentine’s Day Festival 2017?




5 Tips on How to Date on Valentine’s Day with Japanese Boyfriend




This post gives girls tips on how to prepare and spend Valentine’s Day with their boyfriends.

Start planning now!→ 


How to Date on Valentine’s Day with Japanese Boyfriend




What do Japanese guys like? 7 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Have you got Valentine’s Day gift yet?

This post lists popular 7 items that can be given to Japanese guys or boyfriends.

If you don’t know what to buy, make a use of this list!



→ Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Japanese Guys




How to Spend Valentine’s Day Happy if You are Single: 7 Things to Do!


You don’t have to feel down on Valentine’s Day just because you are single.

Singles can enjoy Valentine’s Day just like couples!



Attention Singles! 7 Things to do on Valentine’s Day to Make You Happy




6 Tips on How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend by Valentine’s Day



If you are a single man hoping to get a girlfriend by Valentine’s Day, read this.

Try one of (or more) practical methods to get her ASAP!



→ How to get a Japanese Girlfriend by Valentine’s Day






Any cons and pros? → What are the advantages of dating someone?


First impression is very important! →  Do you know Japanese Etiquette When Meeting Someone?




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