Order at SUSHI TRAIN? Manners You Should Know to Enjoy SUSHI-GO-ROUND in Japan





Have you tried conveyor belt sushi? It’s written 回転寿司 and literally means rotation sushi. It’s popular not only in Japan but also in foreign countires.

Let’s see what it is and how to order sushi at sushi-go-round.



What is it?

Sushi-go-round provides sushi in a unique way. It uses a conveyor belt to carry sushi instead of using servers. In some places, sushi chefs make sushi in front of customers. Other places sushi chefs stay in the kitchen to make sushi.


Fixed Price

Sushi-go-round has 2 kinds of price system. The first kind offers sushi for the same price. For instance, Kappa Sushi offers all sushi for 100 yen each.

Various Price

Another kind offers sushi for different prices. For instance, if tuna is 100 yen, tuna belly is 200 yen. The sushi is placed in different colour of plates according to the price.


Depending on areas and locations, sushi train offers various sushi for various prices. If you are picky about sushi, you can check the menu online and head to sushi adventure.



How to Order Sushi


When you enter the sushi-go-round restaurant, you would be seated. Tea, soy sauce, chopsticks- everything would be provided on the table.

If you know what to eat, grab a plate when it passes by you. If you are not sure what to start, you can take a look menu or observe plates on the conveyor belt.

Some items are pretty popular and people keep taking those plates, so you might not get when you want to eat. If that happens to you, you can order by yourself.

Each table should have a touch panel to order specific items. It usually has different categories with name and price.


You tap whatever you want to get and wait until your item arrives. It usually shows estimated time.

The item you have ordered would be delivered to you via the conveyor belt. The image is like a small train delivers your sushi only for you. I’m sure children love to see those and want to order like crazy.



3 Manners at Sushi-go-round


This article talks about Japanese female sushi chefs in Tokyo and Osaka

Let’s review why we love sushi with this post Appeals of Sushi




Now you know basic steps to order sushi at sushi-go-round. In this section, I’m going to talk about manners at sushi train restaurant. It’s basically the same asManners at All you can eat restaurant, but I would like to review here.


Don’t touch

If you don’t intend to eat an item, don’t touch the plate. If you are not sure if you want to eat or not, don’t touch the plate.

Sushi-go-round provides various sushi to different people and customers share a  conveyor belt. The conveyor is for public and not for your private usage.

How would you feel if someone touches the plate and put it back to the conveyor? It doesn’t feel great, does it? Respect others and enjoy sushi time!



Don’t take too much

Colourful sushi attracts you and you want to eat them all? I understand how you feel but don’t take too much! There is no need to rush to take plates and eat them all at once.

You should take time, take plates or order what you want so that you won’t leave any leftover.



Separate Plates According to Colour

This is not a must manner, but if do this servers would be impressed. Places like Kappa sushi, where they offer all sushi for the same price, you don’t have to worry about it.

But other places have different colours of plates to distinguish sushi and price. At the end of meal, servers would count how many plates you have taken and they check the colour as well.



Sushi-go-round is just another type of sushi restaurant and it offers unique sushi experience.

I just want to mention one more thing: Don’t throw paper towels into toilet! I found some foreigners throw anything to toilet in Japan and Canada. Maybe in other countries too. I’m not sure.

Why would they throw paper towel into toilet when the garbage is provided right next to paper towels!? Do they think it’s fine because no one is watching? They don’t care because that’s not their toilet?

I hope those people stop doing this, wash hands and just enjoy sushi.


I wanna go to sushi-go-round in Japan!!




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