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Tokyo Bus Tour in English: What is Hato Bus? Where to Get Tickets?

  2017/11/02    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク     Have you taken Hato Bus? Hato bus is popular bus tour around Tokyo area. Let’s see basic information and what kind of tours it offers.  

5 Great Tips on How to Take Non-Reserved Seat on Shinkansen

  2017/10/08    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク   Taking bullet train is exciting and fun! But did you know that it has reserved and non-reserved cars? This article focuses on non-reserved seats on bullet train.  

What is Golden Week? When in 2018? History and Holidays of GW in Japan

  2017/03/15    Events

スポンサーリンク   Have you enjoyed Golden Week in Japan? Many people are off during Golden Week and popular destinations are packed. But what is it? Let’s find out what it is and how Japanese spend time.  

Tourist Attractions in Chiba: Disneyland and Beer Factory

  2016/09/16    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク   Chiba prefecture is next to Tokyo and easy to access by train or car. It’s 1.5 times bigger than Tokyo and you can enjoy different kind of food and attractions.   Here are 4 attractions to visit in …

Kusatsu, Takaragawa and More…4 Places You Must Visit in GUNMA

  2016/09/14    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク   Gunma prefecture is located in Kanto area. It is close from Tokyo and takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to Maebashi city (前橋市), Gunma. They have famous hot spring and interesting places for sightseeing.   Here are …

Rice Crackers, Lovely Cape and Birds: 3 Tourist Attractions in NIIGATA Prefecture

  2016/09/08    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク   Niigata has a lot of snow in winter and it is one of the popular destinations for winter sports. But what else does it have?   In this post I introduce 3 places to visit in Niigata prefecture. …

Mysterious Cavern and Ski Resort: 4 Places to See in Iwate Prefecture

  2016/09/04    Travel 47

スポンサーリンク   Iwate Prefecture in located Northern Japan. They have famous ski mountains and winter is pretty cold. Here are great 4 places to visit in Iwate prefecture.

What are the Differences Between Capsule Hotels and Hotels? How Much?

  2016/08/30    Culture

スポンサーリンク   Have you stayed in capsule hotel? It is a very unique type of hotel in Japan. Let’s find out what it is!

4 Things to Do on Your First Visit to Tokyo Skytree in Japan

  2016/08/30    Leisure

スポンサーリンク     When you visit Tokyo Skytree, there would be a lot to do. Here are 4 things to do if you visit Tokyo Skytree first time.

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