Attack on Titan Image CDs! Season 2 starts April 2017: Here is Recap of Season 1




If you are fan of Attack on Titan, you probably know that its Season 2 is coming soon!

This post summarizes Character Image CDs and episodes of season 1.



Recap of Season 1




Below is brief recap of Season 1 of Atttack on Titan.


Episode 1-2: Shiganshina area was surrounded by enormous walls to protect people from Titans. Eren Jaeger, a young boy who resides in Shiganshina area, wants to go outside the wall and see the outer world.

His sister Mikasa Ackermann knows that he is interested in joining the Scout Regiment. Even after he sees injured members of Scout Regiment his intention doesn’t change.


The life in Shiganshina was safe and peaceful until the gigantic Titan breaks the wall and other Titans come into the city one day. One of them eats Eren’s mother in front of Eren.



Episode 3-6: Eren, Mikasa and Armin have been trained for 3 years and they decided to join the Scout Regiment instead of Military Police.

The Colossal Titan, who broke the wall 3 years ago, comes into the wall again. Eren and his squad fight against it but they die. Mikasa and Armin are alive and in shock.


Episode 7-10: The fight between surviving members of Scout Regiment, including Mikasa and Armin, continues. Armin learns that Eren is alive as a Titan and Eren fights against other Titans to protect human beings.


Episode 11-13: Titan Eren decides to carry the enormous rock to seal the hole on the wall. The operation has to be completed as soon as possible. When Eren reaches to the rock, however, he starts to attack Mikasa.


Eren loses mind. Armin talks to him about the outside world and the promise to kill the Titans. Eren somehow regains control and overcomes dangerous state.


Episode 14-16: Some people are afraid of Eren’s Titan powers, whereas others request his help to retake the Wall. Joining the team in the Scout Regiment, Eren prepares for the counterattack.


Episode 17-20: During 57th Exterior Scouting Mission, Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Jean encounter Female Titan. It is intelligent but they somehow escape from it.

Eren keeps moving forward and trusts his squad’s plan. Eren finds out that the plan is to identify the Female Titan.


Episode 21-25: When Eren and his squad team try to identify the Titan, the Female Titan lets other Titans eat itself and disappears.

Eren follows the Female Titan and transforms into Titan form and has a long battle with it. It tries to swallow Eren but Mikasa distracts it.


The Female Titan, Annie, tries to escape and encases its body in crystal. Annie is put under the custody of the Scout Regiment.

In the epilogue, Wall Sina crumbles and face of Titan appears within the wall.




Attack on Titan’s Character Image Songs





Character Image Songs will be released before Season 2 starts in April.

Those songs are themed for each character.

The CD is 1,500 yen each plus tax.


Below is a list of 7 CDs that will be released this year.


Released on March 15th, 2017

Volume 1 – Eren Yeager (Yuki Kaji)

Volume 2 – Mikasa Ackerman (Yui Ishikawa)


Released on April 26th, 2017

Volume 3 – Armin Arlert (Marina Inoue)

Volume 4 – Jean Kirschtein (Kishou Taniyama)


Released on May 24th, 2017

Volume 5 – Bertholt Hoover (Tomohisa Hashizume)


Released on June 21st, 2017

Volume 6 – Levi (Hiroshi Kamiya)

Volume 7 – Erwin Smith (Daisuke Ono)





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