7 Types of Tickets for the Tokyo Disney Resort 2016





Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland?

To be honest with you, I’ve been there only twice because I don’t like a crowd.


My impression was a fun crowded place where you need to purchase expensive tickets.


Here are 7 kinds of tickets you could purchase.

All the price is up to date as of August 2016.




1. 1 Day Pass

This pass is valid for a day in either Tokyo Disneyland or Disney Sea.

The resort opens between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

This is probably the most popular ticket because you can play for a full day in the Disney resort.


Adult (over 18 years old) 7,400 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 6,400 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 4,800 yen


2. Senior Pass

If you are over 65 years old, you are entitled to a senior pass.

Its price is 6,700 yen.

Seniors can go with their grandchildren, family or friends and enjoy the dream world.


3. Starlight Pass

With this pass, you can enter the resort anytime after 3p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and statutory holidays.


Adult (over 18 years old) 5,400 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 4,700 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 3,500 yen


4. After 6 Pass



You can enter the resort after 6 p.m. during the week.

After the sunset, you can enjoy the night illumination and decorations.

Although it is not cheap, some use this on a date.


Adult (over 18 years old) 4,200 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 4,200 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 4,200 yen


5. 2 Days Pass

This pass allows you to enter the resort for 2 consecutive days.

You cannot, however, enter both Disneyland and Disney Sea on the same day.

For instance, you enter Disneyland on the first day, whereas you enter Disney Sea on the second day, or vice versa.

An adult would save 1,600 yen as compared to 1 Day Pass.


Adult (over 18 years old including seniors) 13,200 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 11,600 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 8,600 yen


6. 3 Days Magic Pass

If you love Disney Resort and 2 days is not enough, you might want to get 3 days pass.

An adult would save 4,400 yen as compared to 1 Day pass.


Adult (over 18 years old including seniors) 17,800 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 15,500 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 11,500 yen


7. 4 Days Magic Pass

This ticket gives you 4 days to enjoy the Disney Resort.

For Day 1 and 2, you would need to go either Disneyland or Disney Sea within the same day.

For Day 3 and 4, you can go both and enjoy attractions and parades.

For instance, you could go to Disneyland in the morning and go to Disney Sea in the afternoon.


An adult would save 7,200 yen as compared to 1 Day Pass.


Adult (over 18 years old including seniors) 22,400 yen

Teens (12-17 years old) 19,400 yen

Children (4-11 years old) 14,400 yen


Disney Resort is one of the most popular places Japanese and foreign travelers go.

You need to plan accordingly because it is always packed.


I want to go there when I go back to Japan next time!




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