What are the Differences between Tokyo and Osaka? Interesting Facts




Have you been to Tokyo? How about Osaka?

Both are big cities in Japan but quite different. How?



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8 Difference between Tokyo and Osaka

Do you have any ideas how Osaka is different from Tokyo? I’m going to separate the differences into 4 sections.






Even though they are Japanese, people in Tokyo and Osaka are different.

Osaka people are generally friendly and talkative.

Tokyo people are quieter and not very friendly.


One of my ex-colleagues was from Osaka and she could keep talking forever. And she was always friendly.

She would talk to me and other colleagues and the working atmosphere was quite good.


People in Tokyo seem too busy to care about others.

They don’t usually talk to strangers and don’t help when people need a hand.

One day, in a busy station, I saw an old lady stopped and sat down in the middle of stairs.

I was going to talk to her then the station staff talked to her and everything was fine. No one offered help to her.






Because Tokyo is the capital of Japan, its residents are from different regions with various dialects. People from Tokyo, however, don’t have any dialect.

They speak standard Japanese. (some might say it is Tokyo dialect.)


In Osaka, on the other hand, people speak dialect. It’s called Kansai-ben (関西弁) or Osaka-ben (大阪弁) and use different vocabulary and accent.


For instance, “Thank you” in Japanese is “Arigatou” (ありがとう).

People in Tokyo say Arigatou (with accent on A), while people in Osaka say arigaTOU (with accent on Tou, at the end.)


If you know or study standard Japanese, you might feel lost when visiting Osaka. You probably don’t understand some vocabulary and phrases.



Tokyo has everything you want to eat: from luxury sushi to French or Italian. There are thousands of restaurants to provide best food to local people and tourists.


In Osaka, there are lots of restaurants and most famous cuisines are Takoyaki (Octopus balls), Okonomiyaki (pan-fried cake) and Kushi-Katsu (deep fried pork).

Food in Osaka is usually cheaper compared to Tokyo and tourists visit Osaka to EAT!!

Eat till You Drop.




Free Items

Most people like free stuff but if you compare people from Tokyo and Osaka, they are obviously different.

Sometimes people distribute a free packet of pocket tissue near train station for advertising purpose.

It is said that over 70% of people in Osaka take the tissue, while about 30% of people in Tokyo take it.  

Osaka people love free stuff!!

If something is free, they might take as much as possible.

Tokyo people think grabbing free stuff is not cool. Even if they want to grab free stuff, they pretend as if they are not interested.



Leopard Design



People in Osaka and Tokyo have different taste in fashion as well.

It is interesting but leopard pattern is pretty popular in Osaka.

Osaka people usually like the face of leopard also.


In Tokyo, I rarely see people wearing leopard items.

If I see, I would suspect that person is from Osaka!



Young Entrepreneurs

Young people in Osaka tend to start business by themselves.

There are, of course, young people who start business in Tokyo, but usually older than Osaka.

Examples of successful business that started in Osaka includes sushi-go-round and pre-packaged food.

If you are interested in starting business, Osaka could be a good place to start.





People in Tokyo don’t bargain when shopping, while people in Osaka do bargain.

Tokyo residents think that bargaining is not possible and feel shy to ask.


Bargaining is important for Osaka residents. No bargain, no purchase.

They need some sort of deals to buy items.



Osaka people love to make a joke. They love to laugh and make others laugh.

It’s because of a famous company for comedians, called Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. They are proud of making people laugh and happy.


For Osaka people, Tokyo people might seem boring because they don’t make a joke like Osaka people.



Osaka and Tokyo is only 3 hours away if you take a bullet train, Shinkansen, yet there are so many differences.


There are more differences rather than similarities. Also the way people dress is different too.


Osaka also has special ladies called “Osaka no Oba-cyan

They like to wear colourful clothes, such as pink or leopard just like Piko-taro. They distribute gum and candy to strangers, and they never be fooled by “it’s me fraud” (ore-ore fraud).

They are super women live in Osaka, mostly middle aged.

You don’t find such ladies (oba-cyan) in Tokyo.






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