Top 5 Japanese Billionaires 2016. Who is the Richest?!



Who is the Richest in Japan?


Do you know who is the richest in the world?

What about in your country?


Here are top 5 wealthiest individuals in Japan.




No. 1  Tadashi Yanai (Fast Retailing Co. LTD.)

$16.3 Billion USD


He is a founder of UNIQLO (ユニクロ). Uniqlo is clothing store and it is everywhere in Japan.

I miss it a lot!!

He used to work in retail shop for men’s suites over 12 years.

After he experienced managing company, he developed Uniqlo.

He believed that people would buy high quality items with reasonable prices.




No. 2  Masayoshi Son (SoftBank)

$14.9 Billion USD


He is a founder of SoftBank. SoftBank is multinational telecommunications.


When he was 16, he went to US and studied.

He finished high school and university in there.

After completing education, he founded SoftBank in Fukuoka prefecture in 1981.






No. 3  Nobutada Saji (Suntry Holdings Ltd.)

$11.7 Billion USD


He is a chief executive of Suntry since 2001.

He was the richest individual in Japan in 2004.


Suntory is famous for its beer, wine and pops.

His grandfather was a founder of Suntry and he is the forth chief executive officer.




No. 4  Takemitsu Takizaki (Keyence)

$8.3 Billion USD


He is a chairman of Keyence.

Keyence is a company that sells automation sensors and measuring instruments. They have 16 international organization and 4,450 employees worldwide.


No. 5  Hiroshi Mikitani (Rakuten)

$5.7 Billion USD


He is a co-founder and CEO of Rakuten.

Rakuten was founded in 1997 by Mikitani and other co-founders.


He obtained MBA from Harvard University.


Since 2010, he started to use English as company language because he believed that English was required in order to succeed worldwide.





No. 14  Yoshiko Mori 


Most of those rich Japanese are men. In fact, the richest women in Japan is Yoshiko Mori  and she is ranked as 14th place. Her net worth is $2.5 Billion USD. She is a widow and her husband was the owner of Mori Buildings.



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