What will Happen to Japan after the US Elected the President DONALD TRUMP?


The battle has been really crazy and some Americans must have cried and screamed when Donald Trump was chosen as the President-elect of the United States on November the 8th , 2016.

Some are excited, while others are devastated.


What will happen to Japan as a consequence of this election?


Trump’s Campaign Slogans


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His major campaign slogan is “Make American great again.” How can he do that? There are lots of issues he needs to deal with, but here I focus on 5 issues.


Improvement on Trade relationship with China

Trump argues that China has been exploiting money and employment opportunities from the US. Thus he insists to adding 45% import tariff on products from China, while adding 20% import tariff on other products including Japan. He will set more strict law on Chinese hackers and counterfeit products.


Improvement on Medical System for Retired Army

Trump states to reduce the waiting time for former army patients. Also he claims to increase the number of female doctors.


Reform of Tax

He argues that Americans don’t have to pay tax if annual income is less than $25,000 per person. On the other hand, those who have excessive income have to pay more tax.


Right to have Weapons

He disagrees with restriction on gun purchase as well as strict guideline on ID requirement for gun purchase. His point is that a gun is important to protect yourself.


Reform on Immigration Law

He claims that US must deport illegal immigrants to their countries. He is especially harsh to Islamic people as well as Mexicans. Some of them have already experienced insults and hate crime by Trump supporters.


Possible Outcomes


Below are possible scenarios that might affect Japan.


No More US Army in Japan?

Trump argued that it’s not fair for US army to protect Japan because when the States is in danger, Japan won’t help it. Thus if Japanese government doesn’t pay fee for the US army, the States would remove all the army from Japan.

He requests Japanese government to pay all fee associated with US army staying in Japan.

Same thing might happen to Korea as well.


Arm Nuclear Weapon or Not?

Japan has no intention to possess nuclear weapons. Some Japanese argue that if Japan possesses the nuclear weapons, it would greatly affect the relationships with other Asian countries. Others argue that Japan needs to talk about it.



Trump wants to prioritize the US over anything. He wants to make products in the States and sell them in the States.

Trump argues as if the US is poor. He also has this attitude “the all I care about is America. I don’t care about others.”

TPP (Trans-Pacific-Partnertship) creates benefits to other 11 nations but not for the US. He wants to increase import tariff!



Most of the Japanese were shocked and astonished when Trump was elected as next President. Some were freaked out.

People say that was the worst US election ever and they are horrified what is going to happen next.

Supporters of Hilary Clinton have been participating in protest in US as well as in Canada.



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