5 Tips on How to Date on Valentine’s Day with Japanese Boyfriend





Although Japanese Valentine’s Day is different from other countries, Japanese do celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find out 5 tips on how to date on Valentine’s Day with Japanese guys!



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When is Valentine’s Day in Japan?

Just like other countries, Japanese Valentine’s Day is February 14th. This year, 2018, it is Wednesday.


Wednesday… If you have a full time job, many of you must be working. So how can you enjoy Valentine’s Day?



5 Tips for Perfect Valentine’s Date

Let’s see 5 tips for perfect date on Valentine’s Day with your Japanese boyfriend!


Date Tip 1: Get Gift

Many girls get chocolates as Valentine’s Day gift, but you can also get something else.

If you have been in a relationship with someone only for few months, don’t get pricy items.

If you get something expensive, your boyfriend would feel pressure because he has to give you back gift on White Day, March 14th.


Pick something he likes, or he can use. Something practical.



Tip 2: Plan the Date


After picking gift, let’s plan the date. How do you want to celebrate?

Where do you want to go? What do you want to eat?


Ask yourself and your boyfriend. You can plan the ‘surprising’ date or plan with your boyfriend.


Just remember that guys don’t like to wait for long lineup and crowded place (me neither).

They also prefer simple date, so you don’t have to think too much to make it luxury.



Below are some Popular Destinations:

-Theme Park


-Movie Theatre


-Illuminations (e.g., Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Tower etc…)




Tip 3: Sleep well and Get Ready



The last thing you need to do before Valentine’s Day is to sleep well on February 13th. Sleep well so that you feel happy and not exhausted on Valentine’s Day.


If you don’t get enough sleep, you might feel grumpy and tired. Avoid that and make the day special!



Date Tip 4: Celebrate in Restaurant


Many couples go to nice restaurant to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If you have a favorite restaurant or if you are interested in trying somewhere new, BOOK NOW.

You MUST make a reservation, or there would be no seat.


In Canada and the USA, couples also go to restaurant on Valentine’s Day.

They would enjoy romantic dinner with delicious wine and dishes.



Date Tip 5: Celebrate at Home

There would be lots of couples on Valentine’s Day wherever you go. Do you feel annoyed?

If you don’t like crowded restaurant, illuminations, or any popular destinations, it’s a great idea to celebrate the day at home.


You can cook dinner for your boyfriend or cook with him. It’s quiet and relaxing atmosphere and you get no interruption.


You can give him gift and enjoy quiet Valentine’s dinner.




Valentine’s Day is not a national holiday, but Japanese celebrate it every year. The way they celebrate depends on couples.

Some couples go out to enjoy special dinner, while others stay at home and cook by themselves.


I hope you enjoy special romantic date on Valentine’s Day!





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