6 Tips on How to Get a Japanese Girlfriend by Valentine’s Day




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If you have no girlfriend but wish to have one by Valentine’s Day, here are what you can do.



Ask Her Out

If you are already interested in someone, ask her out.

So simple yet powerful!!


No need to mention about Valentine’s Day but rather insist that you want to go out with her.

If you are lucky she will like you and spend Valentine’s Day with you.


If you are not confident enough to ask her out yet, try the 2nd tip below!



Use Valentine’s Day as an Excuse


Tell the girl you like that you are hoping to have a great time with her on Valentine’s Day.

This excuse only can be used if you know she is single.

Because girls usually give chocolate and gift to guys in Japan, you can claim that you have no girlfriend and no one would give you chocolates.


You can say something like this: “Can you give me chocolates for Valentine’s Day? And I’ll treat you dinner.”


If she likes you or if she doesn’t hate you, she probably says “YES.”

If she rejects obviously (it’s sad but could happen…) don’t push too much.




Talk, Talk and Talk!

If you like someone but you don’t or cannot talk to her everyday, try to talk to her! It could be your classmate, colleague, neighbour, or someone from a coffee shop.


If you want to go out with her, you gotta talk.


If you haven’t talked to her a lot, don’t ask her out. She will say “NO” if she doesn’t know about you.

If you talk to her often and she knows you, she is more likely to say “YES” when you ask her out.


You might feel so nervous and don’t know what to talk. That’s okay.

Just make a casual conversation and don’t think too much about the date.


The keywords here are “casual” and “confidence.”



Invite Her to a Party

Just throw a party and invite the girl if you prefer to have fun with her and others.


This is a great idea if you are not that close to her yet. When you ask her out, she might feel nervous if she doesn’t know you well.


The best way would be getting closer during the party and asking her out. Talk to her during the party and have fun. If the first party is not enough, you can invite her to next party or something else (BBQ, karaoke, etc…).



Find Someone Online



If you don’t have any girl you are attracted to right now, check online.

Check Meetup or website for singles such as Japan Cupid.


Meetup has various groups including language exchange, parties, events, and new friends etc… Find a group you like and join! Check their schedule and participate in an event.


Both Meetup and Japanese Singles have new members everyday, so keep checking. You would find new girls every week.



Go to Events

There are lots of Valentine’s Day events in Tokyo and other cities.


Check your favorite nightclubs, bars, or organization because they would have events for sure.


Most of the events are taken place on the weekend.

You might find a cute Japanese girl and get close during events because she might be looking for a guy for Valentine’s Day as well.





You might feel it’s difficult to get a Japanese girlfriend by Valentine’s Day, but it’s possible!

You just need a little bit of extra steps to get her.


Be confident and believe in yourself. You can do it.


If you still feel anxious or don’t know what to talk to a girl, leave comment!

I’ll give you tips depending on your situations, from Japanese girl’s point of view!






What are the pros and cons? →Pros and Cons of Being in a Relationship with a Japanese Girl


Any tips? How to Keep a Good Relationship with Japanese Girlfriend



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