What do Japanese Guys Like? 7 Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day




Have you got Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one?

It’s fun to but also difficult choose right gift. Do you know what your loved one wants to get?


Let’s see 7 gift ideas that you can give to your boyfriend.





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7 Gift Ideas for Japanese Guys

Below are popular items among Japanese men. Which one would your boyfriend like?




If you know what kind of wallet your boyfriend likes, or if his wallet is worn out, get a nice wallet for him.


In most stores, you would find dark color, such as black and brown, but you can also find other colors.



Coin Case



If your boyfriend puts coins in the pocket, this is great gift for him.

Those guys who put coins in the pocket tend to leave coins everywhere and they might lose some without noticing.

Let him organize coins!




If your boyfriend wears tie everyday, get some for him. If you know what kind of design and color he likes, purchase one that is based on his preference.


If you are not sure what kind of design he likes, observe his ties or clothes to see what color he tends to wear.








If you know your boyfriend wears a scarf, get one. Scarf could be expensive depending on material and brand.

If he usually doesn’t wear any scarves, pick something else.



Fountain Pen


You can get pens anywhere but a fountain pen is special. It’s more expensive and lasts long.

Some people might buy a fountain pen by themselves, but it’s nice to get it as gift.



Key Organizer


If your boyfriend has a lot of keys, or if he tends to lose things from time to time, get him a key organizer.

It’s a nice way to put all keys together.



Business Card Holder


If you know your boyfriend has many business cards, get a Business Card Holder. It’s pretty useful to store business cards.


As a busy businessman, he would get countless business cards. He must organize them and remember his clients.


It’s practical and perfect for a busy businessman.




Getting perfect gift and spending romantic Valentine’s Day is ideal for many women. Gift is important but I think there is something else you need to know.


The fact that you spend time thinking and picking gift for him.


That’s more important than gift itself. After all, he might not care about gift.


He wants to spend a great time with you.




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