Weather News: Typhoon Trami Update: Where is it? How Strong is it?






Typhoon Trami (the 24th storm passing by Japan this year) is approaching to Kyushu area as of 3p.m., Sunday, September 30.


This typhoon is very powerful and was equivalent of Category 2 hurricane when it passed Okinawa area on September 28th.


It is expected that typhoon Trami will pass by Osaka area around 9p.m. tonight (Sep 30) and it will pass by Tokyo area after midnight. It is already raining a lot in Tokyo area.


Many flights were cancelled and all the JR lines (Yamanote Line, Sobu Line, Musashino Line, etc.) will suspend their service after 8p.m. Chuo Line, Keiyo Line and Shonan Shinjuku Line suspend their service after 6p.m. tonight.


Bullet trains also suspend their service.


Check train schedule, or you might not be able to go home!

Stay at home when typhoon is approaching.



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