Weather News: Update on Typhoon Noru (Aug 7)




Update at noon Aug 6

Typhoon Noru is about to hit the Kyushu area and some residents in certain communities in Kagoshima have been evacuated.

As of 10a.m. more than 14,000 homes have a blackout within Kagoshima Prefecture. Residents in Kagoshima and Miyazaki are to prepare for the typhoon’s attack Sunday night.

The problem with Typhoon Noru is that it is pretty strong and slow. Because it is slow and so powerful, residents in Kyushu are encouraged to keep checking the update.



Update at 5p.m. Aug 6

There is no airplanes operated and all the JR lines have been canceled in Miyazaki Prefecture.


Precipitation for Shikoku area: 700mm for the next 2 days

Precipitation for Tokai area: 1000mm for the next 2 days

(this is almost equal to 1/4 of annual precipitation. 25% within 2 days!! )


Be ready for the storm if you live in Tokai or Shikoku area. It is going to be mess tomorrow and Tuesday.


It is expected to rain tomorrow night, after 9p.m. in Tokyo.


Update at 10a.m. Aug 7



As of 10a.m. Tyhpoon Noru is passing Kochi Prefecture.
It is approaching Shikoku area and will pass Tokai area tomorrow.

Expected precipitation: Kinki, Tokai Area 500mm by tomorrow morning
Expected precipitation: Shikoku area 400mm by tomorrow morning


Osaka will be windy and rainy this afternoon.

Tokyo will be rainy tonight and tomorrow morning.



Update at 11p.m. Aug 7

Typhoon Noru is in Shiga Prefecture right now.

It is moving towards Kanto area tomorrow morning.

Also Kinki area is expected to have 50mm of rain per hour.



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