What is Tsukemen? Is Tsukemen Different from Ramen Noodle?




Have you tried Tsukemen?

If you haven’t, this article will explain what it is.

If you have tried, let’s find out the difference between tsukemen and ramen.



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What is Tsukemen?


Tsukemen is a type of ramen and has various flavour. The main difference is that tsukemen doesn’t have soup like ramen.

Tsukemen usually comes with sauce or soup on the side to dip the noodle in.


Tsuke literally means to dip or put and men means noodle.



History of Tsukemen

It is said that Tsukemen was introduced in Tokyo in 1955.

Mr. Kazuo Yamagishi worked in ramen restaurant and first invented tsukemen as staff meal. Because the staff loved it and he thought customers would love it as well. Then he decided to add tsukemen to regular menu.

His intuition was right and tsukemen has become one of the popular ramen menu in Japan.



What kind of Tsukemen do Japanese Eat?

Popular tsukemen include soy sauce base, tonkotu base, miso base etc.

Sauce or soup is usually thicker and richer than ramen soup.

In some places you can choose thick or thin noodle.



How Much is Tsukemen?

The price of tsukemen is about the same as ramen. Popular ones, however, tend to cost more. Check the website or the menu for the price.


If you eat tsukemen in Tokyo are, it costs about 900 yen to 1,200 yen.



How to Order Tsukemen?



Some tsukemen places have ticket vending machine so that you will be asked to buy tickets before having a seat. Other places have menu on the table and you can take time to pick.


Most of the tsukemen places have pictures so you can imagine what it has and how it tastes like.



Tips on Having Tsukemen


Here are 2 important tips on enjoying tsukemen.


Check Menu

Before entering the tsukemen place, take a look at menu. Do they offer something you like? Or do you want to try something new?


Some places have English menu, while others have Japanese menu with pictures. Even if they don’t have English menu, they might have staff who speak English.



Check Ingredients

Some tsukemen could be super spicy and many foreigners have difficulty eating them.

For instance, tan-tan men could be very spicy due to sansyo. Sansyo is special spice Japanese use. Its taste is different from wasabi or chili. I have seen foreigners tried tan-tan men and couldn’t finish due to its strong taste.

So be careful when you eat something new. Always check the ingredients!




Tsukemen is getting more popular just like ramen. Although it is a type of ramen, how it tastes and how people eat are different.


Tsukemen is not as hot as ramen because noodle and soup are served in separate bowls so you can take time and enjoy the noodle.


Do you like tsukemen or ramen? Tell me your preference!







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