When is Father’s Day in Japan 2018? What Gifts are Popular?




Do you celebrate Father’s Day in your country? Do you know when Father’s Day is in Japan this year?



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When is Father’s Day in Japan in 2018?


Japanese celebrate Father’s Day just like other countries.

Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June and it’s the same as other countries such as Canada and the U.S.

In 2018, Father’s Day is June 17th, Sunday.

It is not a public holiday.


How would you celebrate?



How did Father’s Day Begin?

Father’s Day is not as big as Mother’s Day and some people argue that Father’s Day was established due to Mother’s Day.

It makes sense because if there is only Mother’s Day, it’s not fair for fathers.


Fathers should be appreciated just like mothers!


It is said that Father’s Day first celebrated in church in the States in 1910.


Japan did not adapt it until late 1980s.




How is Father’s Day Celebrated in Japan?

Some Japanese don’t celebrate Father’s Day at all. Others celebrate in various ways.

Some of them may take their father out for lunch or dinner.

Some may give gifts to their father.

Some children may cook dinner or bake cookies or cakes for their father.


Some may give their father a card with heart-warming message.


Whatever the surprise is, dads are glad that their children try to do something for them.



What are the Popular Gifts for Father’s Day?


Certain items are popular as for Father’s Day gifts but sometimes what fathers want and what children think their fathers want are mismatched.


What Fathers Want

Most wanted item is handwritten cards or letters.

They also appreciate liquor, food, vouchers, necktie, or sports related goods if they regularly do exercise.


What Children Think Their Fathers Want

Children think that their dads want gourmet food and alcohol.

They also think that their dads will be happy if they give clothes, cash, vouchers or neckties.


It’s surprising that many dads want cards!

Japanese tend not to express love and appreciation by words (that is, they don’t say “I love you” everyday).

Thus they consider “Thank you, Daddy” cards to be very special and precious.


I recommend you to get a card or letter for your father as well as other gift, such as food, vouchers, alcohol or sport related items.




Father’s Day is coming soon and children have been thinking what to get.


It’s not necessary to celebrate Father’s Day in Japan, but dads will be super happy if you give them a handwritten card.


I always do that so my dad has tons of cards from me!

And I assume he is happy with that. I hope so.




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