What is White Day? History and How Japanese Spend White Day




Have you heard of White Day? Japanese men give gift on White Day.

Let’s find out what it is and what they give to girls.



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What is White Day?

White Day is like Valentine’s Day and the differences are its date and who gives the gift.

Valentine’s Day in Japan is February 14th, but White Day is March 14th.


As discussed in What is Valentine’s Day? women usually give gift to men, including boyfriends, family members, colleagues, friends etc….. on Valentine’s Day.


On White Day, Japanese men essentially give “return gifts” to women to express their love or appreciation of their care for the gifts.


In other words, if no woman gives you gift, you don’t need to prepare return gift. Guys prepare return gifts because they have received gift on Valentine’s Day.



History of White Day


In 1978, Japanese started to celebrate White Day. One of the confectionery companies, “Ishimura-manseido (石村萬盛堂)” in Fukuoka Prefecture, promoted Marshmallow Day on March 14th . The concept was to give gift (in this case Marshmallow) to women.


After their promotion, other companies also promoted candies and White Day became popular in Japan.



Do Japanese Guys Give Gift?

Some women get pissed off if guys don’t give return gifts so it’s a good idea to get something for them.

If you got a lot of chocolate and gifts on Valentine’s Day, write down who gave you gifts and get small gifts for them.

You might feel hassle but that’s an ideal way of dealing with White Day in Japan to avoid conflict.


What do Japanese Guys Give?


Gift could be anything but to be honest, some girl care about the price. They expect two or three times more valuable gift from men.


However, others don’t care about price. As long as guys give them “something,” they would be happy.




What are Popular Items?



You can basically get anything but below are basic ideas what Japanese guys would get for women.


For Friends and Colleagues:



-Accessories or Jewelry



If a woman is NOT special for you, don’t give dozens of roses or something too fancy. If you do, she might think you like her.



For your girlfriend or someone special for you, you might get something different.


For Someone You Love:

Jewelry such as a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings

Wrist Watch 







Important Note

If your girlfriend or someone you like gave you chocolate or gift on Valentine’s Day, it’s better to give her special gift.


For those who gave you casual chocolate (i.e., giri chocolate from colleagues or friends), just get small gift. Chocolate or candies work. Don’t get too fancy ones as they might think they are special for you.


If you have no idea what to give, get some flowers and candies. Women love to receive flowers and have a sweet tooth!!




White Day is promoted one of the confectionery companies and became popular in Japan.


Some men don’t know what to buy for their girlfriend and feel upset, but they can always get flowers and candies.

Just show her how much you care about her and spend time with her so that she would be happy.







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