Tips on Having Successful White Day Date with Japanese Girlfriend




Did you have a great Valentine’s Day? Wondering what you should do for White Day? This post summarizes what you can do to make your girlfriend happy on White Day.




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Recap of White Day

White Day is March 14th and this year, 2018, it is Wednesday. Oh my, Wednesday again! Valentine’s Day was Wednesday also…


Anyways, this is the day guys give girls gifts and make them feel happy and special. But if you have never spent White Day in Japan, you might be wondering what to do. Here are some tips what you can do with your girlfriend on White Day!



Before White Day Date



Before actual date…


You need to prepare gift for your girlfriend before White Day date.

Gift could be anything and you don’t have to get expensive items.


Examples of gift can be found here: What is White Day?


♥The best gift is probably flowers especially roses → if she lives alone (if she lives with parents, she might feel shy to bring flowers home). Don’t give too much like 100 roses. 100 roses take too much space and she might need to get a couple more vases.


Jewelry also works if you love her → but you have to know what kind of design and brand she likes. What kind of accessories does she usually wear?

If she doesn’t wear jewelry often, you might want to get something else.



The most important thing is that you spend time and think what to get for her.  If you spend time to get gift for her, yet she doesn’t seem happy… she is not a great girlfriend. I mean, anything is great to receive if you like or love the person.



Things to Do on White Day 




Below are some suggestions that you can try on White Day.



Go to Favorite Restaurant

If you don’t know where to go, restaurant works. Do research and make a reservation.


If you are planning to go to a restaurant you’ve never been, check their menu and review. What do people say about the place? Is there any dish your girlfriend would like?

You don’t want to spoil White Day due to terrible food.



Go to See Illumination

You can do this after dinner at restaurant.


Just go anywhere to see illumination! Girls LOVE to see colorful lights at night.

It’s so beautiful and romantic and she will feel happy for sure.


If Tokyo, for instance, you can go to popular destinations such as Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree etc. or just walk around the city.




Invite Her to Your Home

Last tip works for some guys.

If you like cooking, or if you can order great food for pick up, invite your girlfriend to your place.

If you just started to date, she might feel nervous but it’s White Day. Try!


If you cook often, cook something she likes and impress her by special dishes. If you don’t cook, don’t worry. You can get some food, drinks, perhaps cake or dessert, and enjoy with her.


Since her favorite restaurant may be crowded, this is a great option for White Day date!





White Day is a big day for some people, but some people don’t really care (or they pretend they don’t care).


If you have a girlfriend and she gave you gift on Valentine’s Day, make her happy on White Day.


The first White Day is important but as you date your girlfriend for a few years, you might not need to worry about White Day. It depends on girls, so ask her if she wants to celebrate White Day.







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