Why so Many Chikan/Gropers/Perverts on Train in Japan? Are Japanese Hentai?




Have you heard of Chikan? Chikan is one of the social problems on Japanese train. This post discusses the Chikan issue in Japan.




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What does a Chikan do?


Chikan is a groper or pervert who sexually harasses women or men without their consent.

Many of the Chikan action happen on the crowded trains and most of the victims are women. Age of victims varies from children to 20-30s (or older).

Women feel creepy, scared and disgusted when Chikan touches them.


Below are Common Chikan actions that are done without any consent:

・Touching your body

・Getting too close to you

・Forcing you to touch their body

・Taking pictures up your skirts

・Cutting your clothes (e.g., skirts)



3 Reasons Why Chikan Happen in Public

There are numbers of reasons why Chikan happens in public.


Super Crowded Trains

Have you taken any trains in Tokyo during rush hour? It is a total nightmare and you cannot breathe. You are pushed (or I should say pressed) by others and strangers are right next to you. If trains move abruptly you might kiss them. It is THAT close!



Perverts Don’t Consider Chikan as Crime

The problem with Chikan is that victims never consent to be touched but the groper touches inappropriately.

Although there are posts stating that “Chikan is crime” in train station, chikan still exist.




Chikan satisfy their sexual desire in a wrong way. They think being Chikan is all right because they are not raping victims?



Difficult to Get Help

Some brave men or women help victims but sometimes it is difficult to tell if they are being harassed by Chikan. As I state earlier, most Chikan happen on busy trains. Since it is crowded, victims cannot escape even if they want to.

You might think that victims have to do something but when Chikan happens, their mind go blank. They don’t know what is happening and don’t know what to do. It is just disgusting and embarrassing. 



What is Hentai?



Hentai literally means strange or unusual status. Hentai might have abnormal sexual desire.

People might associate Hentai with games or anime.


Chikan is Hentai and selfish in my opinion.

Some Japanese are Hentai but not all. Some of them are Chikan.



What to do if Chikan Approaches You?

If Chikan came to you, what would you do?


Flee! Get off the Train!!

The best way is to punch his face!

… No, I’m kidding! I’d love to do that though.

If you can, try to escape. Say something. Slap or scratch their hands.

If you do nothing, they won’t stop Chikan action.


If you cannot flee due to limited space, try to move your body and get off at the nearest station.



Go to “Women Only” Cars

Some trains have “women only” passenger cars during rush hour. This is not available for all the trains but super crowded trains have this.

During the rush hour, men (some exclusion applies) are not allowed to go to the “women only” cars. If your train has this, take advantage of it. It is still crowded but you feel much safer because there is no man on the passenger car.




I think 3 serious issues exist in this problem. One of the problems is that trains are extremely crowded in cities. Tokyo is crazy and I hate Shinjuku!

Whenever I go there, so many people attack me (they are just walking carelessly) and they don’t care even if they are too close to someone.

Another problem is that girls feel very scared and cannot ask for help. If a stranger suddenly touches your body, how would you feel? If he or she invades your personal space, how would you feel?

You can imagine it is quite unpleasant and uncomfortable.


The last problem is Japanese porn. There are so many pornography with Chikan or Hentai theme. People tend to forget that porn is not fiction. It is totally unreal, biased and based on male point of view.

It is fine people watch it but they shouldn’t think that is how other people have sex. It does not happen in the real world.

I do hope people don’t forget that and respect women.

And eliminate all the creepy Chikan!!




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