4 Places for Sightseeing in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan




Yamagata is famous for cherries and grapes.

What about places for sightseeing?


Here are 4 places to visit in Yamagata prefecture.



1. Kaminoyama Hot Spring (かみのやま温泉)


This is popular hot spring in Kaminoyama area.


They have 5 Ashiyu (足湯). Ashiyu literally means foot hot spring.

It is usually located outside with benches.

You just need to take off shoes and socks and put your feet inside hot spring.


I like Ashiyu because it’ easy.

You don’t have to take off clothes yet it makes you warm.

Thus it’s nice to visit Ashiyu during winter.


They also have 7 hot spring in the area.

The history of their hot spring is over 555 years.


Moreover, they have hiking event every day.

You could participate in it or go hiking on your own.



2. Lina World


It is located in Kaminoyama city (上山市).

It is theme park and especially recommended for family with small children.

It is open between March and November.


Their roller coasters are relatively small and children can enjoy.

They have “Hello Kitty” ferris wheel.

It’s not that crowded, so your children can ride without waiting.



3. Tsuruoka Park (鶴岡公園)





This park is located in Tsuruoka City.

Tsurugaoka Castle was in there but it was destroyed in 1871.

The park was created in 1875.


It’s famous for cherry blossoms and there are over 700 cherry blossom trees.

During cherry blossom season, there would be food stalls and many tourists visit and enjoy sakura.



4. Kamo Aquarium (加茂水族館)




This aquarium has various kinds of jellyfish.

It usually opens between 9a.m. and 5p.m. and it is located in Tsuruoka city (鶴岡市).

There are lectures on how to feed jellyfish and umidori (type of common gull) as well as sea lion show.

Lecture on jellyfish also teach you basic information about jellyfish.


Even if you are not big fan of jellyfish, it is quite interesting to see them.




 - Travel 47

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