Beer Festival in Tokyo. What is Yebisu Beer Festival?




Yebisu (Ebisu) Beer Festival (恵比寿麦酒祭り)


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If you love beer, don’t miss this festival.

It is hosted by Sapporo group at Ebisu Garden Place, Tokyo.

You can taste new flavours of Yebisu beer during the festival.


The festival is taken place between September 16 (Fri) – 19 (Mon), 2016.


16 (Fri) 5p.m.- 9p.m. (Last call 8:30p.m.)

17 (Sat) 18(Sun) 11:30a.m.- 9p.m. (Last call 8:30p.m.)

19 (Mon) 11:30a.m. – 8:30p.m. (Last call 8:00p.m.)


Pre Festival (Cerntre Square Only)

September 14 (Wed), 15 (Thu) 5p.m.- 9p.m. (Last call 8:30p.m.)


There are 4 sections you could visit and enjoy Yebisu Beer during the festival.




  • Beer Hall

Drink beer and enjoy the music.

There will be a live band playing music.

Below is the schedule.


September 16 (Fri)

17:30~18:00(Centre Square)

19:00~19:30(Centre Square)


September 17 (Sat)・18 (Sun)・19 (Mon)

12:00~12:30(Centre Square)

14:00~14:20(Shateau Square)

15:30~16:00(Centre Square)

17:00~17:20(Clock Square)

19:00~19:30(Centre Square)





  • Shateau Square

Here they have new beer.

Yebisu fans shared ideas and preference to create this new flabour.

There would be fresh lemon drink truck and small markets (only on September 18 and 19).


  • Food Court

There would be different food including Italian, Japanese and French.

They all go well with Yebisu beer.

There are also other drinks, such as wine, cocktail, tea and pops.


  • Museum of Yebisu Beer

Over 30 countries participated in Beer competition of Paris Exhibition (Exposition Universalle) in 1900.

Yebisu beer received the 1st prize.

There are pictures and panels of stories behind how Yebisu beer was created and how people made efforts to receive the 1st place.


There is also tour showing the 500-years-history of beer.

You can book it online, by phone or in person when you go there.




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